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Q- How do I get found?

A-That is the greatest part of ScoutPuppy, we are not Yelp, you don’t have to know who we are. When we build your business page on our site (your one page website), we do so with the strongest SEO. Its just like when you launch your website, no one has ever heard of you but you get found by submitting your site to search engines. We submit each page to over 200 search engines. You are found through search, not by name. That is why our visitors to your site are less expensive and way better than what you get from our competition. You are found because people are looking for your service in their area, not because you are in a long list of companies listed on one of those other guys sites!

Q-What is SEO and how are you different?

A- Great question! SEO (search engine optimization) is how a search engine categorizes you. By making your content specific and educational, combined with keywords(something a person searching for your type of business would put in a search bar on Google), you are considered top of the best choice for that specific search. An exact keyword that someone puts in to find a local business is what we strive to give. We add very specific keywords for your area and product or service so when its typed into a search box on a search engine it matches and your business pops up. We also add those to the content we create on your business page on our site as well as position that content with pictures and videos so its an easy read for the potential customer. We also add links to your website, Facebook, whatever. This gets you organic traffic straight form the source, not a third party. We usually add 30+ keywords to each business page or more and make them city and neighborhood specific!

Q-Why just one page? Why is that better?

A- Studies show that if a potential customer has to click more than twice to find what they are looking for on your website, they go to another site and you lose business. We data mine your business and collect everything important and place it on your one page business page on our site. We include info about your business, Products, services, contact info, links, pictures, content, videos and more so that customer does not have to click at all. Its also way better on the SEO side as well. It makes your page extremely strong!

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